CONSIGNMENT POLICY: The Consignor will receive 50% of the selling price of each item. All items are on consignment for 90 days. At the end of the consignment period we will contact you via email or phone to pick up your unsold items - we will hold them for only 7 days, any unsold items not collected by the consignor by final pick up date become the property of SAVVY PLUS and are subject to charity. If you want your unsold items returned, please call ahead so that we may have them ready for you.
Although we try our best to take care of your items, we regret that we cannot be liable for any damaged or stolen merchandise.

PAYMENT TO CONSIGNOR: Checks will be mailed by the 10th of the following month for all sales in the previous month. The consignor is responsible to provide us with any address, phone number or email changes.
RETURN POLICY: ALL SALES ARE FINAL: All purchases made at Savvy Plus are final sales, no returns or exchanges are accepted.

LAYAWAY POLICY: Savvy Plus does not offer layaway.

HOLD POLICY: No holds.